Interface VertexScorer<V,S>

Type Parameters:
V - the vertex type
S - the score type
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractIterativeScorer, AbstractIterativeScorerWithPriors, BarycenterScorer, BetweennessCentrality, ClosenessCentrality, DegreeScorer, DistanceCentralityScorer, EigenvectorCentrality, HITS, HITSWithPriors, KStepMarkov, PageRank, PageRankWithPriors, VoltageScorer

public interface VertexScorer<V,S>

An interface for algorithms that assign scores to vertices.

Method Summary
 S getVertexScore(V v)
          Returns the algorithm's score for this vertex.

Method Detail


S getVertexScore(V v)
Returns the algorithm's score for this vertex.

the algorithm's score for this vertex

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