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JUNG2 Maven Generated Site (version 2.0)

JUNG API Javadoc (version 2.0)

JUNG Manual (version 2.0, in progress)

Release Notes

JUNG 2.0 Tutorial: this is a tutorial for JUNG 2.0 contributed (and updated, and hosted) by Greg Bernstein, a member of the JUNG community. Thanks, Greg!

Items Below are Obsolete

Understanding the JUNG Visualization System (26 September 2005)

Analysis and Visualization of Network Data using JUNG (unpublished preprint)

Previous versions of the API documentation may be downloaded from the SourceForge JUNG release page. The release files with "doc" in the name contain the documentation; the .zip files also contain the documentation (along with the .jar and everything else).

The old versions were removed from this site to prevent people from accidentally accessing old versions of the documentation via search engines. HTTP requests to the online versions of the old documentation will be redirected to the new documentation.